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Form 5:19: Honor Chapter Selection Criteria

Form 5:19: Honor Chapter Selection Criteria

Lambda Sigma Society recognizes certain chapters each year as Honor Chapters. These chapters are selected by the National Executive Board for their general excellence and achievement. Chapters are not in competition against each other for this recognition, but may each achieve the recognition on the basis of individual chapter accomplishment.

In order to be considered for Honor Chapter status, a chapter must complete the following requirements, submitting all reports by the due dates:


Due Date (if applicable)

Mid-Year Status Report (5:11) *

Jan. 31

Report on Rituals (5:13) *

Jan. 31

Initiate List Form with dues (5:14) *

June 1

President's Annual Report (5:16) *

June 1

Treasurer's Annual Report (5:17) *

June 1

Advisor's Annual Report (5:18) *

June 1

Attendance at National Convention


Contribution to the National Scholarship Fund ($50 minimum)


Article to the Diamond


Strong and consistent attendance at meetings


Copy of Chapter By Laws submitted at the Presidents Conference or sent to the National Board by Nov. 1


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In addition, the chapter must have selected members according to an approved process on file with the National Vice President, must have sent dues and by June 1, and must have a balanced budget.

If all the above criteria are met, the National Executive Board will consider the chapter's service projects to the institution as well as the community.

All information to be used for consideration of Honor Chapters must be submitted to the appropriate member of the National Board by the deadlines indicated above. The final deadline for all materials, new members and annual reports is the end of the chapter's school year, or no later than June 1.

The National Executive Board meets each summer, usually in late June, and all decisions are made at that time. Both the president and the advisor are invited to submit materials along with their annual reports for the Board to consider in making its decision. There is no limit on the number of Honor Chapters which may be recognized each year.

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