Chapter Calendar

The calendar below should provide a guide for your chapter to follow throughout the academic year.  Following this calendar will allow you to meet all basic criteria for Honor Chapter requirements.


  • Meet with chapter officers and advisors to plan the year
  • Organize chapter committees
  • Attend the National Presidents’ Leadership Conference
  • Review and update chapter bylaws
  • Meet with campus advisor for student organizations, if necessary


  • Assign and write article for fall Diamond, due by Nov. 1



  • Decide on the amount of your scholarship contribution to be sent with dues in June
  • Plan timeline for new member selection and initiation in the spring


  • Review selection process for new members and rituals
  • Complete Mid-Year Status Report and Report on Rituals online, due Jan. 31
  • Start selection process for new members after submitting Report on Rituals


  • Assign and write article for spring Diamond, due by Mar. 1
  • Select an applicant for the Lambda Sigma national scholarships from your chapter (One applicant per chapter may be submitted, each chapter determines the selection process)
  • Continue selection process for new members


  • Submit an article for the website and send to Becki Leonard, due Mar. 1
  • Continue selection process for new members and plan initiation ceremony


  • Complete selection process and hold initiation ceremony
  • Elect new officers and executive board
  • Set up meeting between new and old officers to help with transition
  • Submit Lambda Sigma national scholarship application and all materials



  • All reports, initiate list, and dues must be submitted by June 1. Please contact the Executive Secretary with any problems or issues submitting reports or sending dues.

Note: All reports and forms are  submitted electronically