Initiate List Instructions

The Initiate List requests information on new members and is to be prepared by the outgoing representative responsible for membership. There are five columns of information that are to be provided. All information MUST BE ENTERED into the provided Excel document (download it here) and emailed as an attachment to Make sure to click “Enable Editing” once you download it and save it with your chapter name as the title.  Please note there are TWO TABS in this worksheet, and information must be entered on each one as described below. We cannot process lists submitted in other formats (e.g., Word, .pdf, etc.).

Tab 1: Summary

1. The number of new members initiated and honorary members.

2. Summary of payment for new members and end of year:

a. National dues @ $40 per collegiate member
b. Honorary dues @ $40 each (includes pin)
d. National Scholarship Fund donation

3. Address to which membership certificates are to be sent. If the chapter has a permanent address (e.g., post office box, campus office, or advisor’s office), it should be reported. If there is no permanent chapter address, a name and address which will be in effect during the summer should be given.

Tab 2: Initiate List

1. Initiate information: :

a. Full name of each member
b. Cell or Home Phone Number
c. Email Address
d. Academic major – please do not use abbreviations

Please ensure that each member’s name is spelled correctly. There is a $10 fee for each certificate that must be reprinted and mailed to your chapter

Payment should be sent in one check for all fees (dues, convention assessment, and scholarship contribution) and made payable to “Lambda Sigma Honor Society.”  Please send the check to the Executive Secretary, whose mailing address is below, no later than June 1:

Dr. Neal Edman
2509 North Mercer Street
New Castle, PA 16105

Lambda Sigma membership certificates will be mailed to all chapters during the summer months, following the receipt of your national reports and dues payment.

If you have any questions regarding membership selection and the required reports, contact your National Board Liaison listed on the web page under your roster information, or email the Executive Secretary, Dr. Neal Edman, at  If your institution issues all checks and cannot send your payment by June 1, please contact Dr. Edman to explain the situation and give an estimate on its arrival.