New Chapter Expansion and Installation


The National Executive Board of Lambda Sigma Society is interested in the growth of the society by the addition of new chapters. Each installed chapter is encouraged to make a personal commitment to expansion efforts. Each chapter is asked to recommend to the National Vice President at least one university that can be contacted concerning expansion. If a local society similar in purposes and membership criteria to Lambda Sigma exists, information concerning that organization should also be sent to the National Vice President.

The National Vice-President will contact all universities at which the establishment of a Lambda Sigma chapter is a possibility.


A chapter of Lambda Sigma Society may be installed in any four-year college or university accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting association.

Those colleges or universities interested in membership shall present to the National Vice-President a petition containing the following: a brief history of the organization which wishes to affiliate with Lambda Sigma; statistical data on the number of first-year students; criteria used for selection of advisors, individual scholarship and activity records of all proposed members, criteria used for membership selection; an outline of proposed activities; a financial statement regarding how such activities will be financed; the local bylaws; and letters of recommendation from the ranking student personnel administrator and from two faculty or administrative advisors.

After the petition has been submitted and a visit by a member of the National Executive Board has been made, if the conditions are conducive to a strong chapter, the National Executive Board will consider the acceptance of the petition. The petitioning group shall be notified in writing of the National Executive Board’s decision.


New chapters shall be installed into Lambda Sigma Society by at least one member of the National Executive Board and by active members of the Lambda Sigma chapter designated by the Board. Installation shall be made as soon as possible following the acceptance of the local group by the Board. The local group shall be prepared carefully. A member of the National Executive Board shall meet with the chapter officers and advisors prior to the installation. At this time, all Lambda Sigma procedures will be discussed. All members of the incoming group will be informed of the history and practices of Lambda Sigma Society. Faculty and administrative advisors shall be consulted to ensure their cooperation in directing the future growth of Lambda Sigma Society on their campus.


The National Vice-President will coordinate the activities for expansion and installation of all new chapters. A member of the National Executive Board who is in the vicinity of a new chapter may be responsible for some of the activities and will work with the National Vice-President to assist the chapter and assure a successful installation.

An interested chapter should contact the National Vice-President, who will provide guidelines for preparing a petition, receive the petition and submit each petition to the National Executive Board. A member of the Board may visit each petitioning chapter before approval of the petition may be given. Upon approval of the petition, the National Vice-President will notify the chapter, inform it of its chapter name, and make arrangements for installation.

The National Vice-President will either be responsible for or will assign responsibility to a member of the National Executive Board for the following:

Inform inquiring chapter of the financial responsibilities:

Fee – Undergraduate Enrollment

  • $300 – 0-999
  • $350 – 1000-1999
  • $400 – 2000-2999
  • $450 – 3000-3499
  • $500 – 3500-4999
  • $550 – 5000-7999
  • $600 – 8000-10,999
  • $650 – 11,000-14,999
  • $700 – 15,000-19,999
  • $750 – 20,000-up

– $40.00 Initiation Fee per member
– $40.00 Initiation Fee per honorary member
– Cost of Installation Banquet

Request the petition.

Schedule a Board member to visit the chapter.

Submit the petition to the National Board for approval. Upon approval, notify the chapter of the approval and inform the chapter of its official name.

Notify the chapters and Board members of the acceptance, date of installation, chapter name, and name of a person and address where letters of congratulations maybe sent. Also send the chapter officers’ and advisors’ addresses and telephone numbers to the chapters and Board members.

Work with the new chapter in making plans for the installation. Send the guidelines for installation to the new chapter.

Request the new chapter to submit to the Executive Secretary the initiation list, including all honorary members, no later than three weeks prior to the installation date. The installation fee and initiation fees must also be sent to the Executive Secretary no later than three weeks prior to the installation date.

Send formal invitations to the approved chapter and inform them that additional ones may be purchased from the Treasurer.

Send the Bond, Chapter, and Banner to the approved chapter.

Request the National President to send two chapter notebooks and stationery to the approved chapter, along with a letter to be read at the installation.

Contact the installing chapter and arrange for them to conduct the installation. Inform them that national will pay travel expenses that they incur. Mileage should be submitted to the Treasurer after the installation in order to be reimbursed.


  • Immediately prior to installation of each new chapter, the installing officer from the National Executive Board shall meet with the officers and advisors of the new chapter to go over materials from Lambda Sigma Society and all chapter activities.
  • Topics to be covered should include at least:
  • Nature of honor society: not “honorary,” not just social, not just service,
  • Need for local chapter to be aware of and have commitment to national and other chapters in the region
  • Review of national materials, Handbook, report forms
  • Review of national Constitution and Bylaws and Rituals
  • Review of each office and committee, duties of each
  • Listed below are some questions which may be used in the visit as a good basic guideline in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a group.
  • What opportunities for service are available?
  • What is the feeling about national affiliation?
  • What is the extent of advisor involvement and availability of advisors?
  • Is the advisor situation stable?
  • Will the university be shifting administrative positions?
  • What is the financial picture?
  • Will the University help with finances?
  • What will be the main source of income?
  • What is the status and number of other such groups?
  • What is the housing situation for students?
  • Do they live in dorms or individual housing? (This will affect the selection process.)
  • Is a meeting place and time available?
  • How will the school calendar affect the organization?
  • Has the group discussed its goals, purposes, and interests in Lambda Sigma?
  • If a local group has existed, are there any conflicts about affiliation?
  • What plans have been made to let the campus know about affiliation?
  • Is upper classman support available for the first year?

The representative from the National Executive Board will, in every case possible, be the installing officer. Any concerns, questions, or assistance that the chapter would like from National should be discussed with this representative, who will convey them to the appropriate officer.

This meeting is vitally important to the success of the new chapter, since it can be the means for avoiding problems and getting the group started on sound footing. It must be scheduled at a time which will allow every officer and advisor to spend time with the National representative and be able to discuss all pertinent topics.


I. Banquet and Installation

A. Appoint banquet chairman

A person who is conscientious and responsible but who does not have other major duties should be solely responsible for banquet arrangements. The chairman should coordinate efforts with the advisor and president, as well as the ritual chairman and the installing officer from national.

B. Banquet checklist

l) Reserve banquet room. It should be large enough for seating initiates, installing chapter, and guests, with room among the tables for people to walk to the front. There should also be room for a head table, a podium and a table on which to place the Bond. If entertainment is to be scheduled, the necessary room for that should be considered.

2) Arrange for decorations for banquet room

(a) Tables where students sit
(b) Head table
(c) Candles and place cards placed at tables

3) Invitation list

(a) Every effort should be made to have representatives of the University administration attend the banquet. The President’s Office and the Student Affairs Office especially should be invited as far in advance as possible so that administrators can plan around it.

(b) Student leaders from student government and other honor societies might be invited, depending on the budget available or the possibility that the students could pay for their own banquet.

(c) Parents of the initiates could be invited.

(d) Printed invitations may be ordered from the National Board secretary.

4) Banquet program

A program should be prepared to outline the events of the evening. This will be both a help to those who are present and a memento for the chapter historical files, so it should include a brief history of how the group was organized, a list of officers, and the agenda for the evening.

5) Photographer

Arrange for a photographer to be present who knows how to get good coverage of a banquet event. (Sometimes University photographers are available.)

6) Banquet agenda

Suggested details of agenda:

· Guests seated in banquet room

· New members ushered in by installing chapter

· Representative of new chapter greets everyone and welcomes them to the campus. Introduce the head table.

· Welcome by Lambda Sigma National Representative and
greetings from the National Board. (read letter from the National President)

· Invocation (See Ritual section of this handbook.)

· Banquet (entertainment might take place during the banquet)

· Initiation of new members

· Installation of chapter

· Installation of officers

· National Representative recognizes key individuals who helped the chapter get started and thanks them. Thank the guests and installing chapter for coming and wish everyone a goodnight.

7) Minutes Book, Treasurer’s Book, Chapter Notebook, Charter, Banner, Bond, Pins and Certificates will be used at the banquet so be sure they are available.

II. Follow-up:

  • Write up installation for Diamond. Send black and white picture for possible publication.
  • Send copy of chapter history to National Board.
  • Send thank you letters to installing chapter.
  • Send notice to National Vice-President of new chapter’s officers and advisors, with addresses.