National Constitution


Section 1. The name of this society shall be Lambda Sigma Society.

Section 2. The insignia shall be a diamond-shaped gold pin with royal blue field and the raised Greek letters, Lambda Sigma, signifying leadership and scholarship, respectively. The diamond shall signify strength of purpose.

Section 3. The colors shall be royal blue and gold, signifying truth and honor respectively.


Section 1. The ideals of Lambda Sigma Society shall be leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service.

Section 2. Lambda Sigma Society shall identify its ideals among members of the first year class and shall foster the development of these ideals by forming an association of these students to serve the institution and the broader community.


Section 1. Lambda Sigma Society shall be comprised of collegiate chapters admitted and structured according to the bylaws.

Section 2. A chapter shall be an association of individuals selected for distinguished ability and achievement in leadership, scholarship and service.

Section 3. Membership shall be comprised of active, alumni, and honorary members.

Section 4. Active members shall be second year students in good standing, elected and initiated as provided by national and local bylaws.

Section 5. Alumni members shall be those members who have completed the year of active membership as defined by the bylaws. Alumni members of local or national organizations which have been installed as Lambda Sigma Society chapters shall be alumni members.

Section 6. Honorary members may be elected to membership in a manner provided by the national and local bylaws.

Section 7. Members may be dismissed if they fail to comply with Lambda Sigma Society standards and obligations. Procedures for this action shall be set forth in the national and local bylaws.


Section 1. The executive power of this organization shall be vested in the National Executive Board, which shall consist of the national officers, two student representatives, three administrative or faculty advisors, and additional appointed members as needed for the efficient operation of the society.

Section 2. The following national officers shall be elected at the National Presidents’ Leadership Conference: vice president and recording secretary. They shall be elected every two years and may serve consecutive terms. All officers shall be elected in accordance with the bylaws. They shall assume office at the close of the conference at which they are elected.

Section 2a. A president-elect will be elected for a one-year term at the conclusion of the current president’s second year in office. The president-elect will then serve under the president for that year before beginning a three-year non-renewable term as president.

Section 3. An executive secretary, the treasurer, and the conference and meeting coordinator shall be appointed by the National Executive Board biennially. They shall serve as national officers.

Section 4. One student representative shall be elected for a two-year term by the student delegates at each National Presidents’ Leadership Conference.

Section 5. Three administrative or faculty advisors from institutions at which there are member chapters shall be appointed by the National Executive Board to serve terms not to exceed six years.

Section 6. Any member of the National Executive Board who is no longer able to perform the duties of the position may submit a resignation to the president, who shall convey it to the board. The board shall appoint a replacement at the earliest possible date to serve out the unexpired term.

Section 7. If, in the judgment of the National Executive Board, any officer or advisor is not adequately performing the duties of the position, that person shall be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the board members present and voting provided a quorum is present. A successor, chosen by the board, shall be appointed to serve out the unexpired term.

Section 8. The National Executive Board shall meet at least two times per year.

Section 9. Seven members shall constitute a quorum of the National Executive Board.


Section 1. National Presidents’ Leadership Conference — A National Presidents’ Leadership Conference shall be held annually. The voting delegates of the National Presidents’ Leadership Conference shall be members of the National Executive Board and the presidents or appointed representatives of each chapter in good standing. In order to vote, delegates must be approved by the National Executive Board.

Section 2. Only the chapter presidents or their designated representatives may attend the National Presidents’ Leadership Conference. Selected advisors may be invited by the Board to attend the conference.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the National Executive Board to make all arrangements for the National Presidents’ Leadership Conference.


This constitution may be amended at any National Presidents’ Leadership Conference. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the National Executive Board for consideration at the board meeting preceding the National Presidents’ Leadership Conference. The amendment will be presented to conference delegates with the board’s recommendation. An amendment may be passed by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the delegates and then will be sent to the chapters for ratification. Ratification by each chapter will require an affirmative vote of the majority of the chapter members present and voting. The vote of the chapter must be conveyed to the national recording secretary, who shall compile the votes. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of the chapters shall ratify the amendment. Any chapter that does not convey its vote within 30 days shall be counted in the affirmative.