Lambda Sigma Coronavirus Statement

To our Friends in Lambda Sigma:

Lambda Sigma Society has had many challenges over its 98-year history. Just as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced most of our institutions of higher education to change the way they deliver their educational programs, so must we adapt to the rapidly changing environment in which we find ourselves.

What has not changed is our mission: to prepare our members for leadership roles first, on their campuses and, then, in their careers, their communities and their personal lives.

As we continue to monitor what is happening in our society and anticipate that this is a temporary situation, we encourage all of our members to remember that the work of Lambda Sigma does not stop but rather is carried out in a different way from which we have operated in the past. Presidents should remember that they are still students at their institutions and, just as they will be attending a virtual classroom, so can the chapter exist in a virtual way over the next several weeks.

This is an opportunity for each chapter to exhibit its leadership in the face of this challenge and develop new ways to communicate, serve their communities and experience the fellowship that has been fostered during this academic year. There is much to be done in recruitment and the planning of other end-of-year activities that cannot wait until your return to your campus. You should also reach out to your advisor/s to discuss ways in which you may achieve your goals.

If you haven’t done so, explore such free or low-cost videoconferencing websites as and There may be other sites with which you are familiar that offer the same services. Work with your chapter to make use of these opportunities in your recruitment and planning so that, when you return to campus, you are ready to complete a successful year of Lambda Sigma.

Information about deadlines for the scholarship applications, the required reports, and the payments due the national organization are being discussed and will be sent to you by April 15.

The National Presidents Leadership Conference is scheduled for September 18-20 in Pittsburgh. You should elect a president before the end of the semester who is able to attend this conference.

Your Board Liaison will be in touch with you within the next 24-hours to offer suggestions and assistance for the period when you will not be on your campus, and in preparation for your return.

Our continued best wishes as we, together, work towards the completion of this year.

John R Hauser
National President
Co-advisor, Rho chapter at Thiel College

Click Here for Chapter Guidance on Lambda Sigma Opportunities during the Coronavirus Period